Milan Banderol Donnaruma 70 Million Euro

Milan Banderol Donnaruma 70 Million Euro

AC Milan confirmed if Gianluigi Donnarumma will survive. But if he wants to leave, then the enthusiasts must spend up to 70 million euros.

Where, the 18-year-old player has just signed a new contract this summer, and a recent report emerges if his agent, Mino Raiola is not happy with the deal.

Local media reported that Raiola had met the Rossoneri twice in the past three weeks, and relations between the two sides were actually quite good.

And Juventus are said to be the only enthusiasts from Italy, but Donnarumma is said not to make it an option. PSG is another option, but the French giants are a bit annoyed with Donnarumma’s refusal this summer.

Nevertheless, Raiola does not actually want to sign a release clause in Donnarumma’s contract, which is said to be 70 million euros if they enter the eurozone and 40 million euros otherwise.

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