Jacksen Hope Persiba Not Degradation from League 1

Jacksen Hope Persiba Not Degradation from League 1

Barito Putera coach, Jacksen F Tiago, commented on the condition of Persiba Balikpapan which is now in the relegation zone Agen88sbo.com. Admittedly, League 1 will lose if the club nicknamed the Honey Bear was thrown from the highest caste football in this country.

Jacksen revealed it after Barito stopping Bans Stadium awesomeness on Friday (20/10/2017) night in a duel of the League 30th week of League 1. Barito managed to beat Persiba at Batakan Stadium with a thin score 3-2.

The defeat makes it harder Persiba out of the red zone. Now, Persiba is in 17th place with 23 points, six points behind Semen Padang which occupy the bottom of the safe zone.

Reported by from kaltim.tribunnews.com, this Brazilian coach declared did not want Persiba relegation. According to him, Persiba is a great team with an extraordinary audience atmosphere.

“Persiba fans created a very extraordinary atmosphere and put pressure on our players,” said Jacksen.

“We hope Persiba Balikpapan can avoid the relegation zone, I think it would be a loss if the League 1 Indonesia loses the extraordinary atmosphere like this match,” he added.

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