Arema FC Boyong 18 Players to Mitra Kukar Headquarters

Arema FC Boyong 18 Players to Mitra Kukar Headquarters

Arema FC will melakoni the week-to-25 League 1 match at home to Mitra Kukar, Aji Imbut Stadium, Tenggarong, Wednesday (20/09/2017). To face this fight, the team nicknamed Singo Edan brought 18 players.

Among the 18 players there were no two key players in the team. In addition to Kurnia Meiga who is still experiencing pain, also not listed the name of Juan Pablo Pino, who has not recovered from injury.

Without them both, coach Joko Susilo claimed to still believe that his team was able to achieve maximum results in Tenggarong.

“We remain optimistic, because the players are those who are really ready,” said Joko.

In addition to Meiga and Pino, Arema FC actually still has two more players, namely midfielder Hanif Sjahbandi and central defender Bagas Adi Nugroho. Both are talented players who are members of U-23 Indonesia national team.

Hanif was not brought in because stock of midfield piled up, while Bagas is still in injury recovery. Joko feel confident even though his team is not reinforced pillar players, it is based on the victory in the previous game.

Although not with the best composition, Arema FC 2-0 victory over Persela Lamongan at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Saturday (16/09/2017). But what should be aware of Arema camp is Mitra Kukar is not the same as Persela.

In the standings, although Mitra Kukar is still under Arema FC. Yudi Suryata’s care team is better than Persela, which is in position nine standings.

Persela position is currently in the order to-14.

List 18 players Arema FC for a tour to Tenggarong

Goalkeeper: Dwi Kuswanto, Utam Rusdiyana

Back: Arthur Cunha, Syaiful Indra, Beni Wahyudi, Johan Ahmad Farizi, Junda Irawan, Marco Kabiay

Middle: Ahmet Atayev, Hendro Siswanto, Adam Alis, Aman Ferry Saragih, Ahmad Bustomi, Dendi Santoso, Esteban Vizcarra, Arif Suyono

Home: Cristian Gonzales, Dedik Setiawan

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