Rakhine Rebels, Myanmar National Team Cancel Show

Rakhine Rebels, Myanmar National Team Cancel Show

The turmoil that hit the region of Rakhine, Myanmar, reap criticism from Muslims around the world. Even the Kyrgyz government was forced to cancel the international duel against Myanmar which is scheduled to take place on Tuesday (5/9/2017).

Both teams plan to appear in the 2019 Asian Cup qualifiers. But the true match took place at Dolen Omurzakov Stadium, Bishlek – the capital of Kyrgyzstan – this was canceled due to security reasons. The local football authorities were forced to take the decision because they feared the match would be a target of terrorist acts.

“This duel has been canceled according to the decision of Prime Minister Sapar Isakov because of the potential threat of terror acts,” said a spokesman for the Kyrgyz soccer federation. According to the leadership of the Kyrgyz Federation of Football, Semetei Sultanov, the duel will be held by other countries.

The predominantly Muslim Kyrgyz residents criticize the violence against Rohingnya ethnicity in Myanmar. Through social media they then called for peaceful action during the game as a form of protest against the government of Myanmar.

As reported by mmtimes.com, the day before the cancellation was announced, the Myanmar national team escorted to the airport. Even according to The White Angels’ press, U Zaw Min Htike, they also received extra tight escorts when leaving the town of Bishlek.

“I am very disappointed, we want to play, we are prepared and want to take home three points, unfortunately, but high political tension does not allow it,” said Myanmar national team coach Gerd Zeise in response to the cancellation of the match.

The tensions that hit Rakhine region in recent weeks have attracted the attention of Muslims from all over the world. The violence against ethnic Rohingyas even triggered protests in a number of countries, including Indonesia.

According to a UN report, as many as 87,000 ethnic Rohingya who are Muslim majority have arrived in Bangladesh since the unrest broke out in Rakhine. UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres also warned of a humanitarian crisis in southern Myanmar and called on the country’s security forces to act after 400 Rohingyas – mostly Muslims – were reported killed during the tension.

U-19 national team security in Myanmar

Indonesian national team U-19, Myanmar, AFF U-18 2017

Myanmar itself currently hosts the AFF U-18 Cup. The tournament was attended by 11 countries, including Indonesia. The U-19 national team handled by Indra Sjafri is in Group B with the hosts of Myanmar, the Philippines, Vietnam and Brunei Darussalam.

Secretary General (Secretary General) PSSI, Ratu Tisha, said that it has sent a letter to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Myanmar related to Garuda Nusantara security in Myanmar. Communication has been woven before the AFF H-18 Cup rolling.

“I am very disappointed, we want to play, we are prepared and want to take home three points, unfortunately, but high political tension does not allow it,” said Myanmar national team coach Gerd Zeise.

Tisha added that communication with the Embassy is considered to be enough to ensure the security of Indra Sjafri skuat during AFF Cup U-18 2017. The first woman who became Secretary General of PSSI is also convinced the organizers are able to maintain the security of Indonesia U-19 national team.

“We are confident that the organizers can hold the AFF U-18 Cup well so we hope the U-19 national team can focus,” said Queen Tisha.

Indonesian national team U-19 has so far packed one victory. In the inaugural match, Garuda Nusantara managed to beat Myanmar with a score of 2-1.

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