Next Month, Sriwijaya FC Will Move Home Base

Next Month, Sriwijaya FC Will Move Home Base

Sriwijaya FC will certainly move home base from Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium Jakabaring to Madya Bumi Sriwijaya Stadium, Palembang Judi Dadu. The move was made because the cage of Laskar Wong Kito was started to be renovated for the 2018 Asian Games.

Thus, Sriwijaya FC will use a smaller capacity stadium, but right in the heart of Palembang. The secretary of PT Sriwijaya Optimis Mandiri (SOM) Faisal Mursyid confirmed the plan to move the home base.

“Most likely mid-September all finished and the stadium is ready for use,” Faisal told recently.

Currently, he added, the grass of Bumi Sriwijaya Stadium has been completed 100 percent so that the measurement process has been done. However, it is still awaiting verification from the operator of League 1 Indonesia in early September.

“We are still waiting because that determines whether or not we deserve, but we have prepared the choice if it must move home base,” he explained.

Sriwijaya FC has measured the field in cooperation with Asprov PSSI. After all already meet the standards, will only invite PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) as the operator of League 1 to verify.

“There should be two room lockers, a press room and a medical room, and if the stadium is ready and we start asking for verification, if it is for a whole new 30 percent beginning of September, it will be done in mid-month verification.”

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