Reason Luis Milla Cancel Play Ezra when Opponent of Timor Leste

Reason Luis Milla Cancel Play Ezra when Opponent of Timor Leste

Striker Ezra Walian naturalization did not get a chance to appear in the third game of Group B SEA Games 2017 elimination at the MP Selayang Stadium, Selangor, Sunday (20/08/2017). In fact, the national team coach U-22 Indonesia, Luis Milla, has prepared it.

The scenario changes when there is a problem with the goalkeeping sector. Milla finally made the decision to include Satria Tama to replace the main keeper Kurniawan Kartika Ajie, who suffered an injury and had to be stretched out of the field.

As a result, Marinus Maryanto Wanewar perform fully throughout the duel which ended with the score 1-0 for Indonesia. Persipura Jayapura striker who became a field star for making a single goal in the 21st minute, maximizing bait Septian David Maulana.

In fact, Milla had planned to rest Marinus in the middle of the second half. This was apparent from his instructions for Ezra to warm up on the sidelines, before the plan changed in the 67th minute.

“Indeed, Ezra almost play but the incident on the field there is a problem on the goalkeeper so it must enter a replacement goalkeeper,” said Milla after the game.

This incident makes the Spanish coach is discouraged play Ezra. In the 72nd minute and 80th, Milla also made substitutions but he chose to replace winger and midfielder.

Sadil Ramdani comes first to replace Febri Hariyadi, then Asnawi Mangkualam Bahar enters to replace Hanif Abdulrauf Sjahbandi.

“After the incident, I saw if there was a change of attacker or not, then we decided not,” Milla explained.

“The original idea was that we wanted to play Ezra to replace Marinus, but that did not happen,” he added.

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