SEA Games 2017: Bonus So Wailed Rival Indonesian National Team U-22

SEA Games 2017: Bonus So Wailed Rival Indonesian National Team U-22

Not only Thailand, Cambodia also be a team that should be wary of Indonesia U-22 national team in Group B SEA Games 2017 Sbobet Casino. Cambodia and U-22 national team will meet in the last match of Group B.

Like the Indonesia U-22 national team, Cambodia also did not want to just pass in the SEA Games 2017. In fact, they also dare to make gold medals as their target. In fact, not even Cambodia to taste the medal in the SEA Games event.

To face the SEA Games 2017, all the way has been taken by Cambodia in preparation. They appoint Leonardo Vittorino, the Brazilian coach, to replace Lee Tae-hoon in March 2017. In a short time, Cambodia showed significant changes.

One of them is the victory over Afghanistan at home in the U-23 Asia Cup 2018 qualifying match, June 2017. In addition, they also successfully forced China stuck goalless in the same event.

That’s what makes Vittorino feel optimistic about Cambodia’s chances at the 2017 SEA Games. “We have never beaten Afghanistan before, never played a draw with a strong team like China.” We have potential, but we have to work hard to maximize it, “Vittorino said. , Quoted site.

Not only positive results, the motivation of the Cambodian players was also whipped up with a big bonus waiting. Prime Minister Hun Sen promised to give US $ 1,000 (Rp 13.1 million) for each victory. If earned a medal, the bonus will be US $ 7,500 (USD 98 million) for gold and US $ 3,000 (Rp 39 million).

Later, the meeting between Cambodia and Indonesia U-22 national team will be held on August 24, 2017. Although called minimal experience, there are some players who must watch out for Indonesia national team. Call it Noun Borey, Sok Samnang, In Sodavid, Brak Thiva, and Chreng Polroth.

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