Agent: Costa Just want to Join Atletico

Agent: Costa Just want to Join Atletico

Lawyers from Diego Costa claimed that Milan’s target player did not want to play for any team except Atletico Madrid Bandar Bola.

The Spanish naturalized striker was forced to be eliminated because the squad had already declared an excess of players through text messaging, but it appeared that the Blues did not want to sell it to Atletico, who was sentenced to a transfer until January.

It leads to rumors that he can dock at the Rossoneri, but his representative strongly rejects it.

“Costa has been allowed to leave by Conte via text messages, without any explanation from the top ranks of Chelsea,” Ricardo Cardoso told the media.

“It was an unfair treatment, a totally unbearable action, which made Diego Costa impossible to return to Chelsea.

“Players themselves do not want to play for other teams, other than Atletico Madrid.”

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