Groves: United’s decision is right

Groves: United’s decision is right

Arsenal legend, Perry Groves, considers the English giants, Manchester United, have made the right decision.

Not only giving praise to the decision of The Red Devils, Groves also compare Jose Mourinho’s team with Arsenal and Chelsea.

Groves think United have bought a great player like Romelu Lukaku who always scores many goals in every season.

In addition Groves thinks the Blues have made the wrong decision by bringing Morata.

According to Groves, Morata will not be able to play well in the Premier League, although many scored while still defending Real Madrid.

While Groves also assess the Gunners have done the unfortunate thing by bringing Lacazette.

Groves thinks Lacazette does not have an outstanding contribution to the English Premier League, and can not keep up with the pace of other England players.

In an interview, Groves said “I personally think United have made a great decision.”

“United already know which players are amazing. They have recruited my Luke. ”

“Even with the expensive price, it’s worth the quality of my Lukaku.”

“As for Chelsea and Arsenal, of course they have done the wrong thing.”

“And moreover they are recruiting players who may not necessarily match the style of Premier League games.”

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